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Panel Surya SHARP 135WP type NS-F135G5


NS series

SHARP 135WP type NS-F135G5

Negara Asal : Jepang
Harga : Rp. 5.000.000,-
Cara Pembayaran : Cash Before Delivery
Jumlah Order : Partai (min 20pcs)
Kemas & Pengiriman: Packing Dus
Keterangan :

  • Tandem structure with an amorphous and a microcrystalline silicon layer offering a stabilised module eficiency of up to 9,5%.
  • Optimised for grid-connected roof mounting PV systems.
  • Use of White Glass, encapculation material, weather protection film an a newly designed silver anodised aluminium frame for long-term use. This guarantees simple and safe installation.
  • Higher energy yields per watt at high temperatures
  • Output : connection cable with waterproof plug connector


Cell                       Tandem cell of amorphous and microcristalline
Bypass diodes       1
Dimensions            1,409 x 1,009 x 46 mm      ( 1,42m2 )
Weight                  18 Kg
Connector             SMK (MC4 compatible), type CCT9901-2452F / CCT9901-2362F

To extend the module connection leads, only use SMK connector from the same series or
MultiContactAG MC4 connector (PV-KST04/PV-KBT04)


Maximum Power                                                    158,9 Wp
Open-circuit voltage                                  Voc        62,5
Short-circuit current                                   Isc         3,49
Voltage at point of maximum power           Vpm       49,7
Current at point of maximum power           Ipm         3,20

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